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Terralith ~ Overworld Evolved is a project made to completely revolutionize the Overworld's generation. Released July 28th of 2021, Terralith makes full use of modern worldgen tools to create beautiful landscapes with new terrain types, like canyons and amplified terrain, painted over by more than 70 new biomes, inspired by places all around the world or by fantastical fauna, while also enhancing existing biomes and adding new variants to them. The new 1.18 caves were also enhanced with new cave shapes and about 10 new cave types. Alongside this, new structures and features can be found to assist your exploration.

Terralith was the second project of Stardust Labs and took around 1300 hours spread on almost a year for its creator, Starmute, to understand and operate the new WorldGen tools that were available for Datapacks in 1.17. The 1.17 version is still available as Terralith Legacy, and the newest version of Terralith, which can also be called Terralith 2.0, made use of the additional WorldGen options of 1.18 to add new terrain types and rework the caves. All the biomes deemed too dark were scrapped from that version to instead allow more marvelous and survival-friendly biomes. Since then, thanks to the more documented updates of the WorldGen tools, snapshots, and experience, all updates for Terralith are planned to release on the same day as a new major update of Minecraft.

Official download page 1.18 - 1.20.6


Terralith's main focus is terrain, but after adding and overhauling Vanilla terrain with new features and shaping, the next step was to paint that terrain with more than 70 new biomes, each with their own block palette, trees, foliage, colors, features, mobs and structures. Here is a full list of the biomes and changes to Vanilla biomes added by Terralith.

Surface biomes

Biome name Biome ID Precipitation
Temperature Downfall Rarity
Alpha islands terralith:alpha_islands True 0.7 0.8 0.682
Alpha islands (winter) terralith:alpha_islands_winter True 0 0.75 0.128
Alpine grove terralith:alpine_grove True -0.2 0.8 6.199
Alpine highlands terralith:alpine_highlands True 0.45 0.1 55.826
Amethyst canyon terralith:amethyst_canyon True 0.95 0.9 4.385
Amethyst rainforest terralith:amethyst_rainforest True 0.95 0.9 10.665
Ancient sands terralith:ancient_sands False 2 0 5.546
Arid highlands terralith:arid_highlands False 1.6 0.1 36.95
Ashen savanna terralith:ashen_savanna False 1 0 5.909
Basalt cliffs terralith:basalt_cliffs True 0.5 0.3 3.627
Birch Taiga terralith:birch_taiga True 0.22 0.2 16.417
Blooming plateau terralith:blooming_plateau True 0.5 0.8 16.888
Blooming valley terralith:blooming_valley True 0.7 0.8 16.866
Brushland terralith:brushland False 1.2 0.2 55.386
Bryce canyon terralith:bryce_canyon False 2 0 8.818
Caldera terralith:caldera True 0.45 0.8 3.998
Cloud Forest terralith:cloud_forest True 0.25 0.8 1.686
Cold shrubland terralith:cold_shrubland True 0.14 0 25.959
Desert canyon terralith:desert_canyon False 2 0
Desert oasis terralith:desert_oasis False 2 0 10.508
Desert spires terralith:desert_spires False 2 0 1.712
Emerald peaks terralith:emerald_peaks True 0.1 0.4 1.606
Forested highlands terralith:forested_highlands True 0.36 0.2 58.228
Fractured savanna terralith:fractured_savanna False 1.1 0 5.325
Frozen cliffs terralith:frozen_cliffs True 0 0.5 3.27
Glacial chasm terralith:glacial_chasm True 0 0.5 7.308
Granite cliffs terralith:granite_cliffs True 0.4 0.3 6.586
Gravel beach terralith:gravel_beach True 0.8 0.4 76.954
Gravel desert terralith:gravel_desert True 0.14 0.5 29.666
Haze mountain terralith:haze_mountain True 0.3 0.6 3.783
Highlands terralith:highlands True 0.4 0.4 52.313
Hot shrubland terralith:hot_shrubland True 0.8 0.4 22.446
Ice marsh terralith:ice_marsh True 0.14 0.9 22.312
Jungle mountains terralith:jungle_mountains True 0.95 0.9 4
Lavender forest terralith:lavender_forest True 0.7 0.8 6.42
Lavender valley terralith:lavender_valley True 0.7 0.8 11.062
Lush desert terralith:lush_desert False 2 0
Lush valley terralith:lush_valley True 0.4 0.8 6.881
Mirage isles terralith:mirage_isles True 0.7 0.8 5.341
Moonlight grove terralith:moonlight_grove True 0.7 0.8 8.08
Moonlight valley terralith:moonlight_valley True 0.7 0.8 27.092
Mountain steppe terralith:mountain_steppe True 0.4025 0.45 ???
Orchid swamp terralith:orchid_swamp True 0.8 0.9 21.516
Painted Mountains terralith:painted_mountains True 1 0.3 1.668
Red oasis terralith:red_oasis False 2 0 5.526
Rocky jungle terralith:rocky_jungle True 0.95 0.9 29.458
Rocky mountains terralith:rocky_mountains False 0.3 0.3 22.775
Rocky shrubland terralith:rocky_shrubland True 0.14 0 6.264
Sakura grove terralith:sakura_grove True 0.7 0.8 15.872
Sakura valley terralith:sakura_valley True 0.7 0.8 6.276
Sandstone valley terralith:sandstone_valley False 2 0 5.448
Savanna badlands terralith:savanna_badlands False 1 0 15.96
Savanna slopes terralith:savanna_slopes False 1 0 4.718
Scarlet mountains terralith:scarlet_mountains True 0.1 0.4 3.733
Shield clearing terralith:shield_clearing True 0.4 -0.5 5.652
Shield terralith:shield True 0.4 0.8 37.241
Shrubland terralith:shrubland False 1.2 0 14.757
Siberian grove terralith:siberian_grove True 0.23 0.8 1.969
Siberian Taiga terralith:siberian_taiga True 0.3 1.2 25.379
Skylands terralith:skylands True 0.5 0.5
Skylands (autumn) terralith:skylands_autumn True 0.5 0.5 12.744
Skylands (spring) terralith:skylands_spring True 0.5 0.5 11.529
Skylands (summer) terralith:skylands_summer True 0.5 0.5 9.516
Skylands (winter) terralith:skylands_winter True 0.2 0.5 9.197
Snowy badlands terralith:snowy_badlands True 0 0.5 9.101
Snowy cherry grove terralith:snowy_cherry_grove True 0.1 0.8
Snowy maple forest terralith:snowy_maple_forest True 0.1 0.2 2.989
Snowy shield terralith:snowy_shield True 0.1 0.8 6.117
Steppe terralith:steppe True 0.4 -0.5 38.414
Stony spires terralith:stony_spires True 0.7 0.3 6.28
Temperate highlands terralith:temperate_highlands True 0.9 0.2 58.54
Tropical Jungle terralith:tropical_jungle True 0.95 0.9 22.871
Valley clearing terralith:valley_clearing True 0.4 -0.5 13.712
Volcanic crater terralith:volcanic_crater True 1 0.3 3.956
Volcanic peaks terralith:volcanic_peaks True 1 0.3 8.962
Warm river terralith:warm_river True 0.5 0.5 21.387
Warped mesa terralith:warped_mesa False 2 0 2.761
White cliffs terralith:white_cliffs True 0.4 0.3 5.959
White mesa terralith:white_mesa False 2 0 6.703
Windswept spires terralith:windswept_spires True 0.2 0.3 4.028
Wintry forest terralith:wintry_forest True -0.5 0.4 13.434
Wintry lowlands terralith:wintry_lowlands True -0.5 0.4
Yellowstone terralith:yellowstone True 0.24775 0.8 47.25
Yosemite cliffs terralith:yosemite_cliffs True 0.375 0.8 6.562
Yosemite lowlands terralith:yosemite_lowlands True 0.25 0.8 6.54

Cave biomes

Biome name Biome ID Precipitation
Temperature Downfall Rarity
Andesite caves terralith:cave/andesite_caves True 1 0.3
Desert caves terralith:cave/desert_caves True 0.8 0.4
Diorite caves terralith:cave/diorite_caves True 1 0.3
Fungal caves terralith:cave/fungal_caves True 1 0.3
Granite caves terralith:cave/granite_caves True 1 0.3
Ice caves terralith:cave/ice_caves True 1 0.3
Infested caves terralith:cave/infested_caves True 1 0.3
Thermal caves terralith:cave/thermal_caves True 0.8 0.4
Underground jungle terralith:cave/underground_jungle True 0.5 0.5

Deep cave biomes

Biome name Biome ID Precipitation
Temperature Downfall Rarity
Crystal caves terralith:cave/crystal_caves True 1 0.3
Deep caves terralith:cave/deep_caves True 0.6 0.3
Frostfire caves terralith:cave/frostfire_caves True 0.8 0.4
Mantle caves terralith:cave/mantle_caves True 2 0
Tuff caves terralith:cave/tuff_caves True 1 0.3

Vanilla biomes changes

Although Terralith already overhauls the terrain greatly, it also modifies some vanilla biomes slightly to make them more alive and thrive among other similar biomes. The changes may vary from the addition of some blocks or changing the shape of a tree to completely new features and or terrain shapes.

Minor changes

Plain and open biomes got some changes to make them feel more alive. Plains biomes, for example, have more grass and tall grass, with some random but rare patches of coarse dirt. The Vanilla Savanna biome also now has rare stripes of dirt paths going through it, as if wildlife lived there and have left trails behind them.

Some minor changes to Vanilla biomes include trees. Terralith changes trees in Taiga biomes, Swamp biomes, and also in the Dark Forest biome, which now has taller trees, making it easier to navigate, with some glow lichen, making it less dangerous but more mysterious.

Major changes

Despite tweaking some detail in some biomes, Terralith adds new shapes into the terrain, but without forgetting the Vanilla biomes.

Mountains can now be more spectacular with Terralith, sometimes sharp, amplified, or soft like Vanilla, but they can also be taller than before by being able to reach Y290, Y256 being the maximum value a player could reach on a Vanilla world.

To smooth out the sharper terrain, Terralith makes use of slabs and layered snow where it can to make the landscape more pleasant.

Cliffs biomes can now generate as beautiful Overhangs, making seasides more imposing, Desert biomes are now made of Dunes, making the landscape realistic and smooth, you can also come across Arches in Mesas and finally, you can sometimes stumble upon Mega caves when mining underground.

Oceans have been overhauled, not with new blocks or biomes, but with deeper and more detailed terrain, making the deep end of the ocean look equally frightening as it is beautiful.


Terralith does not modify the ore distribution in Vanilla biomes, and only changes the material of the ore in some case, turning it in deepslate ore if dark material can be found around it, and raises the appearance of some ores in specific Terralith biomes. For example, Emerald peaks appear with more Emerald Ores, Scarlet mountains spawn with more Redstone Ores, and Volcanic crater spawn with more Diamond Ores.


Terralith adds and uses WorldGen features to make your world more unique.

Mega ravines

Mega ravines are WorldGen features found in Terralith and Terralith Legacy. Unlike Vanilla ravines, they extend downward, sometimes reaching the Bedrock. Although excellent for mining, they can be deadly if you happen to fall in one.

Mega geodes

Mega geodes are Worldgen features added by version 2.0.2 of Terralith. Bigger than classic, Vanilla geodes, those geodes are 2 to 3 times larger and unlike Vanilla ones, they cannot appear connected to a cave, meaning the only way to find them is through strip-mining.

Andesite boulders

Andesite boulders are WorldGen features added to Terralith in version 2.0.10. They indicate Andesite caves underneath the surface, just like Vanilla Azalea trees indicate lush caves.

Granite pillars

Granite pillars are WorldGen features added to Terralith in version 2.0.10. Functioning like Azalea trees indicate a Lush cave, they indicate that Granite caves can be found underneath.

Diorite patch

Diorite patches are WorldGen features added to Terralith in version 2.0.10. They indicate Diorite caves underneath the surface, just like Vanilla Azalea trees indicate lush caves.


With the release of 1.18.2 and the comeback of Vanilla structures in custom biomes and Custom structures, Terralith decided to make full use of this update to return some structures from Terralith Legacy and even add some new ones in it's 2.1 version. Here is a list of all of them.

Name Structure ID Variants
Fortified village terralith:fortified_village 1 33
Fortified desert village terralith:fortified_desert_village 1 27
Spire terralith:spire 1 1
Glacial hut terralith:glacial_hut 3 3
Giant bee hive terralith:underground/giant_bee_hive 2 2
Oak cabin terralith:underground/oak_cabin 2 2
Mining outpost terralith:underground/mining_outpost 2 3
Old refinery terralith:underground/old_refinery 1 1
Sunken tower terralith:underground/sunken_tower 1 1
Witch hut terralith:underground/witch_hut 1 1
Frosted dungeon terralith:underground/frosted_dungeon 1 1
Mage tower terralith:mage_tower 5 1
Mage complex terralith:mage_complex
Desert outpost terralith:desert_outpost 1 1
Valley lodge terralith:valley_lodge 1 1
Igloo terralith:igloo
Rubble terralith:


Royal jelly Traveler's map


This community-driven list is here to inform you about the Datapacks and Mods affecting the Overworld that are compatible with Terralith. Meaning Mods'/Datapacks' structure/ores/blocks/plants/mobs/items appear in or merge seamlessly with Terralith terrain.

If a Mod or Datapack is not in the list, it is either untested, incompatible, or not a mod that has its content appear in or merging seamlessly with Terralith biomes, including, for example, Datapacks or Mods affecting other/new dimensions. Some of those Mods or Datapacks might have not been updated to the latest Minecraft or Terralith version, but will probably work with it once they are.

Terralith is compatible with all Stardust Labs projects on any available versions. The only Stardust Labs projects that cannot be used together are Incendium and Amplified Nether.

Being an Overworld WorldGen project, other WorldGen Datapack/Mods for the Overworld that add biomes will likely not work well alongside Terralith unless compatibility was brought by either side through an addon or update. Every other Datapacks or Mods, that do not affect that, should work and possibly blend together with Terralith without issues, moreso if they work using Fabric or Forge tags. WolrdGen plugins aren't and will not be supported.

Note that Fabric mods will most of the time need Fabric API to work, and for this reason it was not listed as a needed add-on. Also note that Quilt is not a perfect replacement for Fabric and that some mods might not work properly with it.

Do not hesitate to update/rectify/add known compatible Mods or Datapacks to the list if they meet the requirements above. Learn how to do so on the contributing page.

List of compatible Fabric/Quilt Mods

Modifications / Addon required?
⠀EnvironnementZ Other / Items Requires Cloth Config ⠀with recommended default values for hot temperature at 1, overheat at 2, cold at 0.3 and freeze at 0
⠀AdventureZ Mobs None
⠀Artifality Ores / Items None
⠀Awesome Dungeon Structures None
⠀Awesome Dungeon Edition Ocean Structures None
⠀Better Animals Plus Mobs Requires Architectury
⠀Blockus Blocks / Ores / Plants None
⠀Create Fabric Blocks / Ores / Other None
⠀Croptopia Plants / Blocks / Items None
⠀Dense Ores: Refabricated Ores None
⠀Fabric Seasons Other Terralith compat
⠀DimensionalOres Ores None
⠀Dungeon Clusters - Fabric Structures None
⠀Excavated Variants Ores None
⠀Floral Flair (Fabric) Plants None
⠀Gobber (Fabric) Ores / Blocks / Items None
⠀Immersive Weathering (Fabric) Blocks / Items None
⠀Mo' Structures Structures None
⠀More Ore Stones (Fabric) Ores None
⠀Repurposed Structures (Fabric) Structures None
⠀Soaring Structures 2 Structures / Plants None
⠀The Graveyard (Fabric) Structures / Mobs / Blocks Use the without biomes version
⠀Towers of the Wild: Additions Structures None
⠀Universal Ores Ores None
⠀ValleyCraft Plants / Items / Blocks None
⠀Goodall Mobs Geckolib
⠀Alaska Native Craft Mobs / Items / Plants None
⠀Yung's Better Mineshafts (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Dungeons (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Extras (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Strongholds (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Desert Temples (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Ocean Monuments (Fabric) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Haema Structures / Items Fabric Language Kotlin
⠀Hopo Better Mineshaft Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Underwater Ruins Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Ruined Portals Structures None
⠀Farmer's Delight (Fabric) Plants / Items / Blocks None
⠀Flonters Plants None
⠀More Geodes Blocks / Other None
⠀Grizzly Bear Mobs None
⠀Chirpy's Wildlife Mobs Geckolib
⠀More Berries Plants / Items / Blocks Cloth config
⠀This Rocks! Other / Blocks / Plants None
⠀Lovely Snails Mobs None
⠀Subterrestrial Structures Cloth config
⠀Creeper Overhaul Mobs None
⠀Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Fabric) Structures None
⠀Naturalist Mobs Geckolib
⠀Rotten creatures Mobs None
⠀Cobblemon Mobs None
⠀More Gems Ores / Items Cloth config
⠀Sandwichable Plants / Items / Blocks None
⠀Let's Do: Vinery Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: Candlelight Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: Bakery Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: HerbalBrews Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API

List of compatible Forge Mods

Modifications / Addon required?
⠀Alex's Mobs Mobs / Items Citadel
⠀Applied Energistics 2 Blocks / Items / Other None
⠀Better Animals Plus Mobs / Items Requires Architectury
⠀Bountiful (Forge) Other Kotlin for Forge
⠀Create Other / Blocks / Items Flywheel
⠀Croptopia Plants / Items None
⠀Floral Flair (Forge) Plants Blueprint
⠀Gobber (Forge) Items / Other None
⠀Immersive Weathering (Forge) Blocks / Other None
⠀More Ore Stones (Forge) Ores None
⠀Quark Other / Items / Mobs None
⠀Repurposed Structures (Forge) Structures None
⠀Sky Villages (Forge) Structures None
⠀The Graveyard (Forge) Structures / Blocks / Mobs Use the without biomes version
⠀Yung's Better Mineshafts (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Dungeons (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Extras (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Strongholds (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Desert Temples (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Yung's Better Ocean Monument (Forge) Structures YUNG's API
⠀Farmer's Delight (Forge) Plants / Blocks None
⠀Falling Leaves (Forge) Other None
⠀Goodall Mobs / Other Geckolib
⠀Hopo Better Mineshaft Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Underwater Ruins Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Ruined Portals Structures None
⠀Naturalist Mobs Geckolib
⠀Sully's Mod Blocks / Other Geckolib ⠀& Blueprint
⠀Creeper Overhaul Mobs None
⠀Ars Nouveau Items / Mobs / Other Geckolib ⠀, Patchouli ⠀& Curios
⠀Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Forge) Structures None
⠀Rotten creatures Mobs None
⠀Fins and Tails Mobs Geckolib
⠀Bettas Mobs None
⠀Baby Fat Mobs None
⠀Cobblemon Mobs None
⠀Let's Do: Vinery Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: Candlelight Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: Bakery Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API
⠀Let's Do: HerbalBrews Plants / Items / Blocks Let's Do API

List of compatible Datapacks

Modifications / Addon required?
⠀Terralith Biome Sapling Compatibility Other / Plants None
⠀ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village Structures None
⠀Immersive Structure's Structures None
⠀Towns & Towers - Structure Overhaul Structures None
⠀Dungeon Now Loading Structures / Mobs None
⠀Scorched - Desert Expansion Worldgen / Structures / Mobs None
⠀BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack Other Terralith add-on
⠀Hopo Better Mineshaft Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Underwater Ruins Structures None
⠀Hopo Better Ruined Portals Structures None
⠀Splatus's Mountain Villages Structures None
⠀Moss Ruins Datapack Structures None
⠀Venturecraft Structures None
⠀Explore the world Structures None
⠀Balloons Structures None
⠀Extra Dungeons Structures None
⠀Magical Circles - Simple Rituals Structures / Other None
⠀Fairy Trees & Cemeteries Items / Mobs / Structures None
⠀More Villages V2.0 Structures None
⠀Apollo's Skylands Structures None
⠀Apollo's Additional Structures Structures None
⠀Tectonic Worldgen Terratonic
⠀Forest Villages Structures None
⠀Florcraft - Natural Magic Items / Structures / Other None
⠀Culinaire - Food expansion Food / Items / Blocks None


Note that the following articles and videos linked here will only be in English. For showcases in other languages, change the wiki's used language for the one you want.




Showcase of Terralith's Fortified villages in Minecraft's official Minecraft Java Bedrock Edition

Jeracraft survival server featuring Terralith's WorldGen

Noxus' Worldgen Mod ranking, with Terralith at the top spot


Version Release date Changes summary


  • Now supports 1.20.5/6.
  • Reworked the intro message to be shorter and more clear.
  • Fungal caves now have moss and smaller but more diverse mushrooms.
  • Ice Marsh trees are now made out of Mangrove, and the ground is now mostly mud with some occasional foliage.
  • Vanilla Swamps now mainly have mangrove trees, more mud, and more diverse water foliage.
  • Forests and Flower Forests oak trees have a slightly taller base to facilitate navigation and the small gravel/stone patches are now gravel/andesite.
  • Stony Spires cliffs are now primarily andesite and moss and now sparsely spawn large spruce trees.
  • Added spruce trees, large ferns, and rose bushes to Windswept Spires and put diorite blobs generate in lue of dirt blobs.
  • Reworked the Underground Jungle, ground is now made of mud, large cherry trees and common small oak/azalea trees, with common bee hives and diverse ground foliage.
  • Added a Mage Tower structure.
  • Added a Mage Complex structure.
  • Added a Desert Outpost structure.
  • Added a Valley Lodge structure.
  • Added a new Igloo structure, almost the same as Vanilla but with new loot tables.
  • Added a Rubble structure group, small 5x5 structures with archeology elements.
  • Fixed Terralith's old method of handling passive mob spawning by reverting pack sizes to normal and changing which blocks passive mobs are allowed to spawn on.
  • Allowed new crafting recipes for stone items/blocks like stone tools, furnaces or dispensers with other stone types.
  • Removed all traces of Traveler's maps.
  • Replaced the Netherite helmet at the top of the Spire with a Diamond with a Netherite Silence Trim helmet, Protection 3 Unbreaking 2 and Curse of Binding one.
  • Witches now spawn naturally in Terralith's Witch Huts just like Vanilla's Swamp hut, meaning you can now build farms on their location.
  • Fixed the Snowy Maple Forest spawn table to spawn more winter-like mobs.
  • Deep Dark is slightly more rare and does not overtake some other cave biomes.
  • Added structure tags to make the location of some structure variants easier.
  • Strays now spawn in Frostfire Caves and Ice Marshes.
  • Halved the generation rate of the big1 house piece in Fortified Village, as it generated way too often.
  • Church piece re-added to Fortified Village, as it was somehow removed a while ago.
  • Deepslate Tiles will no longer be able to be replaced by ores during generation.
  • Added strips of Packed Mud on the undersides of Skylands (summer) and changed the ocean floor under them to sand instead of gravel.
  • Internal refactor to Mega Geodes and Mega Ravines so that Terralith overrides less Vanilla files.
  • Trees in Birch Forest and Haze Mountain no longer have random missing leaves, which makes the tree look whole and not decay way more than it should.
  • Added biome colors for cave biomes that are used by some minimap mods and websites.
  • Caldera's lakes no longer leak into other biomes.
  • Fixed various issues with Stony Spires and Mantle Caves generation.
  • Prevented a (harmless) console error about a missing terralith:underground/witch_hut.
  • Other modded structures should no longer generate in Skyland biomes, as they looked quite broken.
  • Fixed some trees in Moonlight Grove, Moonlight Valley, Lavender Forest, Lavender Valley, Amethyst Canyon and Amethyst Rainforest generating with wood instead of logs.
  • Fixed a rare overlap with water streams in Forested Highlands.
  • Prevented a rare edge case where Lush Caves could generate on the surface.


  • Emergency hotfix: prevent crash regarding "regular structure set".


  • Moved Witch Hut to the surface (swamps).
  • Fortified/Desert roads now change to planks when over water.


  • Now supports 1.20.3/4.
  • Fortified Village changes:
    • Added missing loot tables to the Barn.
    • Removed a broken house.
    • Re-added missing structure voids, which should remove the ugly terrain carving.
  • Dark Oak trees in the Dark Forest now correctly use Logs instead of Wood.
  • Pillars in the Highlands should no longer have grass inside them.
  • Cacti in Lush Deserts should no longer spawn illegally.
  • Siberian Taiga now has its water frozen, but will (correctly) no longer have precipitation.
  • Packed Mud veins in Savannas will now yield to carvers.
  • Decreased Temperate Highland temperature from 0.9 to 0.5.
  • Added the no_default_monsters tag for both c and forge.
  • Added empty function file for manual compat with other datapacks.


  • Repainted the Painted mountains.
  • Reword the "welcome toast" to be clear what the Discord link is for. Modpack devs, if you don't want this message at all, add this mod to your modpack.
  • Fix missing freeze_top_layers as well as properly order some features.
  • NOTE: Are you getting a crash with Terralith, as well as using Cyclic? Use this mod to temporarily fix it until Cyclic does it themselves.


  • Multiple block tags and unused/useless files have been removed, resulting in a generation speed increase of 10 to 20%.
  • Deep cave biomes generation has been shifted slightly, Mantle caves are now a bit more common and Tuff caves should generate again.
  • Fixed a extremely rare issue that would cause Deep Dark to spawn on the surface.
  • Lush caves and Dripstone caves have a bit more vegetation.
  • Some tags, mostly for forests and river biomes, have been revised.
  • Bamboo no longer generates in Snowy cherry grove.
  • Tweaked Terralith's structures placement to reduce the chances of it colliding with other structure packs.
  • Made Terralith's villages and Vanilla villages a bit rarer.


  • Added multi-versioned pack format
  • New colorful pack description under clearer file name.
  • All biomes/structures now support the jacobjo's new Custom Worldgen Seed Viewer map viewing standard.
  • If using the Trade Rebalance experimental datapack, Fortified Villages and Desert Fortified Villages will appear on the Plain Villages and Desert Villages maps, respectively.






  • Prevented odd (but rare) occurrence of Underground Jungle not being underground.
  • Removed an old file, which drastically reduces the file size.


  • Fixed a crash that can sometimes occur with Fabric and musics.






  • Fix a Feature Order Cycle with Regions Unexplored.
  • Reword the "welcome toast" to be clear what the Discord link is for. Modpack devs, if you don't want this message at all, add this mod to your modpack.
  • Fix missing freeze_top_layers as well as properly order some features.


  • Adjust feature orders for potential FOCs.
  • Updated some internal tag descriptions.
  • Updated biome colors for jacobjo's Custom Worldgen Seed Viewer.


  • Improved compatibility with Terratonic.


  • Backporting of some 2.4.1 changes:
    • Vastly improved Spire generation lag and terrain adaptation.
    • Slightly improved underground structure generation adaptation.
    • Hidden chest in Giant Bee Hive now relies on a loot table.
    • Prevented odd (but rare) occurrence of Underground Jungle not being underground.






  • Fixed an issue with tags.




  • Changed color of Dark Forest's sky to a more natural hue.
  • Added c: and forge: biome tags for mod compatibility.
  • Updated license.txt.










  • Fixed crash that would occur when not using Terrablender compatibility mode.

{{Changelog|Version=2.2.5|Date=2023-12-07|Changes=*(Re)Added biome tags, which is vastly improve compatibility with other mods on 1.18.2.

  • Refactored the Noise Router.
  • Migrated the config file from json to toml.


  • Now depends on Cristel Lib
  • Replaced Seedfix implementation. On Fabric, Terralith instead relies on Unfixed Seeds ⠀ and Fabric API ⠀. Forge users do not need to worry, as the seed bug is fixed by default in Forge.
  • Now compatible with Terrablender by default.
  • Added a config file, which allows the configuration of Terrablender compatibility. Additionally for fun, can configure "cursed" Skylands!






  • Made some changes to noise and biome placements to improve performance.
  • Temporarily removed custom sapling growth.
  • Made some other miscellaneous changes to improve generation performance.
  • Fixed an issue from missing tags.


  • Added a chance for most sea cliffs to generate as Overhangs. This also dramatically cleans up generation where a cave biome generates in a cliff.
  • Added massive Ice spears to the Glacial chasm biome.
  • Added the Glacial hut structure to the Glacial Chasm (a small cabin with a villager, some food and wood, and a map to a warmer biome.)
  • Improved Volcanic crater and Caldera generation.
  • Made some tweaks to megacaves and other noise related features.
  • Optimized generation performance significantly.


  • Fixed a minor issue with loot tables.


  • Updated the pack to support 1.18.2
  • Added three new structures: Fortified village, Fortified desert village and the Spire.
  • Added vanilla structures back to Terralith biomes.
  • Added the Traveler's map. This special map points to a biome! It can be any of them, rare or common. It's only found in Terralith structures, so you'll need to explore to find it.
  • Added Mega caves. These are extremely rare and extremely large, much bigger than even the most dramatic caverns of vanilla Minecraft.
  • Volcanic crater and Caldera biomes now have proper Craters, full of lava and water, respectively.
  • Large deserts now have dramatic Dunes. These are very distinct from any other biome's terrain, they are smooth hills with sharp peaks.
  • Badlands now have Arches.
  • Alpha islands and Alpha islands (winter) have been made more common. They are still the rarest biomes, though.
  • A few biomes have been shuffled around (mostly gravel desert & shrubland biomes.)
  • Cheese caves and Mega caves are more likely to be partially flooded.
  • Added 2 new technical biomes (Desert canyon and Wintry lowlands). These biomes are identical to Desert and Wintry forest respectively, and only exist to prevent structures spawning in undesirable locations.
  • Removed Crystal caves temporarily.
  • Optimized generation code significantly; we even implemented some optimizations over vanilla Minecraft.


  • Multiple tweaks for better chunk generation performances.
  • Overhauled Thermal caves. Floors and ceilings now use 3D noise, there are patches of Andesite, Granite and Diorite, and the biome should overall have much more detailed generation.
  • Granite caves, Andesite caves, Diorite caves, Frostfire caves, Mantle caves, and Tuff caves now use less precise methods to set their base block. Resulting in less ‘sharp’ biome borders, but improves performance drastically.
  • The placement of stone regions in Lush caves, Dripstone caves, and Fungal caves has been changed; you can find Granite, Andesite and Diorite in different spots now. As well, these biomes can now have more than one type of base stone in rare cases.
  • The Diorite patches feature from Diorite caves is much more reliable now and only affects blocks that are part of the terrain.
  • Several biomes, like Shrubland, Brushland and Siberian taiga have had their surface rules refactored for better performance.
  • Desert caves have been temporarily disabled for performance reasons.
  • Fixed an issue forgotten after the deletion of Desert caves that caused ores to appear on Desert villages.


  • Aquifers are now larger.




  • (Experimental) You can now regrow custom trees in Forested highlands, Swamp and Taiga by using bonemeal on grass near the appropriate sapling type. This will be added to more biomes in the future.
  • Fixed a small issue involving trees in Taiga.
  • Terralith is now compatible with experimental versions of Biomes o' Plenty.


  • Skylands have been massively overhauled, and split into four variants: Skylands (winter), Skylands (spring), Skylands (summer) and Skylands (autumn). Each of them has their own features and characteristics.
  • Animals can now spawn in Skylands. The animals that spawn are dependent on the season variant.
  • Skylands have fewer waterfalls and less water springs.
  • Ores generate less commonly in Skylands.
  • Fixed a missing biome in the language file.
  • Fixed potential feature order cycles that could occur if other mods attempt to add biomes.






  • Merged the Fabric and Forge versions of Terralith into one mod.
  • Fixed compatibility with Amplified Nether on Forge.




  • Added a new terrain group, making Highlands that are very far inland very flat.
  • Made changes to Wintry forest to allow more animals to spawn there.
  • Added Sweet berries to Wintry forest.






  • 1.18 release.
  • 40 new biomes.
  • New terrain types.